Music is probably the most wonderful thing that puts emotion into your soul. But even a good picture taken in a personal moment and talking in its own language can open the way to the hearts of your friends…”


Thomas Bork, born in Germany in 1963, lives his passion for photography since he held a camera in his hands for the first time when he was almost five years old.

At the age of thirteen Thomas started learning photography by participating in working groups in school. This marked the real beginning of his serious will to play with light and to work with people.

In the school-owned photo lab he learned all the state-of-the-art techniques which were used in a darkroom at that point in time. Over the years many of those techniques disappeared or were replaced by modern computer based methodologies. Knowing that all formerly learned manual practices will never loose their priceless value Thomas decided to study Computer Science at the Technical University of Braunschweig. He graduated in 1991 with a Master Diploma.

And through these times he always kept his passion for the work with light. Years of working as a freelancer in sports- and concert-photography have followed. Always accompanied by portrait and beauty projects in studios as well as on location.

Today Thomas is combining all areas of knowledge and experience into a unique way of photography added with pinch of a personal touch. Thomas’s photo shootings are not just hours of working with technology. It’s more like working with friends, having fun together from the first to the last second.

And you’ll feel the difference in his pictures…

If you ever notice a rising wish for a picture of a personal moment of your lifetime just get in touch with Thomas. Even if he might just be working on the opposite side of the globe he’s always only one call or e-mail away for you…

Thomas Bork